Inquiring minds want to know!  How do you store your ink pads?  Did you buy them as a family and store them in the special box they come in?  Or do you have a special holder?

Are they all over your desk?


The Stampin’ Up! Ink Pad Holder is great, but we had a wall unit like this before they started making them and it fits our space better.

But it doesn’t put the pads away!

Do you have all the ink pads?  Or are there holes in your collection?

Because for the next few days, you can get all the Classic pads you want for just $5.06 each when you shop here.

Ann brought back some photos from Kanab, Utah where she visited the Stampin’ Up! Manufacturing Plant.  They make the stamps there, fill the ink pads and package the card stock.

Ann’s been trained on how to put the top back on if it ever comes off.  (A rare, but unfavorable occurrence.)


They put the cases together.


They put the labels on.


While they’re doing all this prep work, the pads are soaked in big tubs.  I think the pads sleep overnight in those tubs to be sure they’re really juicy.  They have special mixers for the ink.

It’s a good thing that Ann doesn’t work there because these Kanab peeps like to keep their facility really clean.

NOT like our stamp table!


If you have our old linen pads and are ready to upgrade, you’ll want to start with the ones I’m listing below. The ink has changed in these listed when Stampin’ Up! upgraded to the firm foam pads.  Get matching reinkers while you’re at it.

  • Basic Black
  • Basic Gray
  • Marina Mist
  • Perfect Plum
  • Tempting Turquoise

The ink has changed so you might as well upgrade these now if you have the old ones around – ESPECIALLY these 5 if nothing else.

I hope that answers all your questions that you never thought to ask about ink.  And as always, I’m here when you need me.  Ann is too.

Be sure to use the hostess code  RWB2JEKZ when you shop here so that we can add a little treat to the thank you card we send you.


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