Today is Hug Your Hound Day!

I believe you could apply that to any dog – especially certain Jack Russell Terriers!

Monday = International Dot Day so all your cards should include Polka Dots

Tuesday = Stepfamily Day – so send them a card if you have them.

Thursday = Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day.  Take yourself to lunch!

Friday = Talk Like a Pirate Day – nuf barked, arrrrr!

Saturday = Gymnastics Day – Send a card to your favorite gymnast!

Sunday = World Gratitude Day & Wife Appreciation Day.

Funny those last two should come on the same day.

That’s the day that Ann will return from her Founder’s Circle Retreat.  I think she’ll feel appreciated that day.  In fact, the whole time she’s there.  That’s a retreat that Stampin’ Up! rewards the top 100 demonstrators in the United States and top 25 from Canada.  They all get together for some pajama parties, stamping and all around fun.

In fact, Ann’s going to ride a horse this time!  More on THAT later!

So thanks to all of our clients who have participated to help me earn Ann just a high honor again this last year.

Here’s how they sent her luggage tags and tickets.  Isn’t this a nice folder that features the Ornamental Pine stamp set.

Ornamental Pine

Home for the Holidays is the theme this year.  You can see more of our Christmas Card ideas here.

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Send me a little bark today

Hope you’re enjoying the Special Card Making Days because YOU asked for it!