Hi, Stamper and friends!

I’m here at the Stampin’ Up! Convention with some of your favorite 24/7 Stampers!  EVERYONE is asking about you!

The first night we were here, the 24/7 Stampers got together for their annual dinner at the Red Rock.  Here’s Bill Burton (Utah), me, Reann Moretto (New Mexico), Brenda Cottrell (New Mexico), Jana Lessard (New Mexico), Valory Degree (California), Linda Ham (Texas), Marci Long (Texas), Karen Thomas (Pennsylvania).  The food was great and they are AWESOME!  (And they think you are too, Stamper.)

Red Rock

And yesterday, our friend, Lydia from Texas shared some really cool stamping ideas like this one.  She rocked it!


I’m bringing home some cards to share with you.  You’re going to love them AND the Holiday Seasonal Catalog ideas!  It’s enough to make us BOTH bark out loud!

We’re going to share them with our customers, the Master Stampers and Pup Club members too.  If you’re not a member or haven’t shopped with us this month, just shop here and we’ll send you an invitation to one of 3 webinar dates and times.

More later as the stamp party continues!

We’d love to “see” you on the webinar!  Use the code 6F2647Z7 when you shop here & we’ll include a small gift with your thank you card.

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