2mo-ButtonSince it’s Love Your Puppy Day, I thought you’d like me to take you on a very brief trip down memory lane.  I’ve heard you on the phone and read your emails asking for more pictures so remember that this is all for YOU!


That’s me on the left – the night I got here.


Before I start my reminiscing, be sure you read yesterday’s issue of Ann’s newsletter.  We still haven’t given out the first of 3 prizes yet, but with your help, we’ll announce the first one very soon.  If you’re not on Ann’s mailing list yet, just scurry on over here and get with it!

Here’s my first blog banner.  We started my blog shortly after my 6th month birthday.  Ann already knew what an artistic dog I was!  (As always, you can click for a closer view.)




Did you know that Ann does 99% of the blog design around here?  I hope that you’re finding that the larger font is easy to read.  We could hire someone, but where would the fun be in that?

And here is my happiest moment ever caught on camera.  I think I’m 3 years old.  They must’ve been calling me for dinner.




61mo-MarkVisit-3I know that I look pretty serious in most shots, but that’s because I get my pay treats faster when I’m calm.  I need a real photographer to get me to be calm AND smiling!  That’s a job for Mark Rogers, my favorite photographer.  I can’t wait until Ann treats me to another photo session with him in San Francisco.


And I can’t tell you how many catalogs and boxes I’ve posed with over the years!  These are just a few of them, but I loved them all.  Which ones do you remember the best?


Dog-Catty-WHAT              Dog08FWCattyDogCatalog

Catalog-Behind-KLN            June13CatalogDogCatalog







The Sacramento Bee featured us in the Home & Garden section.  (My picture is on the back page.)  And the Sacramento News & Review did a feature on us too!






I’m not quite sure why Ann doesn’t let me go on TV with her for the live shows.  Could it be she doesn’t trust me?

I AM a good dog!  I’ve even done the Sacramento Doggy Dash with Ann a couple times, help with card making classes and helped sponsor the Yuba City Dog Park.


45mo-DoggyDash-Finish30mo-DogPark        30mo-Teacher


I’m barking all this to you because without Ann’s relationship with Stampin’ Up!, I wouldn’t even be here!  I could be living with a NORMAL family, but look at all I’d have missed out on!  And I wouldn’t know YOU!

And although Ann couldn’t find her favorite picture of us on the computer, I know we haven’t lost it.  It’s one that Mark took.  She DID find a blooper that you may not have ever seen.  It’s one from a long time ago where I fell asleep in the middle of a shoot.  I never have to pose very long because usually the first picture is the best.  I’m a pro, you know!

But this one day, I literally fell asleep, and of course, Ann had to capture it on film.  That’s not a blink.  I’m actually sleeping.




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