Oh boy, am I excited!  We got another Christmas card to share!  Are we lucky or what?!?

This one is from Helene in Florida.  She’s quite da bomb!  And when she and Ann get on the phone, I can’t get a bark in edgewise!  They have to set a timer or I’d never get fed!

You might be able to tell that Helene is one of our Master Stampers.  Ann has over 18 hours of video over at the Master Stamper for everyone to get inspired.  And each project has 1-2 videos and a PDF for you to print or download and keep for future reference.  They’re all interested in improving their stamping and know they can get exclusive access to projects that Ann doesn’t share elsewhere.  (She DOES let me peek every now and then.)

Just click here to find out how you can join the fun too!  Do something fun for yourself that will help you make better cards.

She really keeps Ann on her toes.  Can’t you tell?  She really made the Santa from the Santa’s List stamp set look good, didn’t she?  Just click on the picture to see a larger version.  We LOVE this Santa, but it looks like he’s not going to make the cut to come back next year.


Here’s a little of what Helene used on this fabulous Christmas card.  Get this set now so you can make it next year!

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