I lost Ann last night.  Facebook sometimes just isn't your friend.  We were humming right along when she found out that one of her favorite teachers passed away unexpectedly.  It was her high school art teacher.  VERY inspiration huMAN from what she tells me.  And she found out that he was just about 27 or 28 when he was teaching her in her sophomore year!  And all that time, she thought all her teachers were older!  But then ALL teenagers think everyone is oldER!

I think he'd be pretty pleased to find out that Ann works with art every day.  Don't you?

13-CatalogCoverSince she was a bit bummed, I think she slowed her roll a bit last night and I can't have that when we've got videos to bring out of the can & projects for you to enjoy!

Got all the orders in from the old catalog (check). Whew!  Thank you!  We even got a nice text from Terri who was in the middle of traffic in New York! 

Then we started to update the pictures & links here (still checking).

Shopping starts today @ Noon Mountain Time.  I know my gal pal Doodles can't wait & I'm sure you can't either!!  and then, of course, we've got all the Sweet Treat orders to get in so that we can have them all out to you next week! 

If you don't have a catalog, click on the picture on the left to preview a HUGE PDF file of it.  (grab a cup of coffee because it will take a while to download!)  It's a whole lot easier to get a copy from us here or come pick one up in Sacramento on Saturday.

You can get your supply list here & an indexed Wish List here.  You'll want that Wish List because it has an intense index of all the accesssories in the catalog.  (And there's not an accessories index IN the catalog!)

Other than the new catalog, .  There's more to be excited about!

FIRST – New Demonstrators starting today (and you know who you are!  Nudge, nudge, bark, bark!  There's a new ADDED BONUS!  New stuff from the Patio Party Collection!

Click to find out more
THEN we found out that those of you who are hostesses OR who gather orders of $450 or more will get an EXTRA $50 in hostess benefits FREE!  (Online orders from our store don't count so talk to Ann about how you can do an virtual workshop with her)

So give us a call this afternoon at (530) 674-5090 and let's get  your party started!  I can't wait to find out what my gal pal Doodles will be getting with her extra $50! 

I'm off to do some back flips to bring a smile back to Ann's face.  We've got to be ready for the Rubber & Craft Garage Sale tomorrow from 9a to noon at 4528 Mc Donald Dr in Sacramento.  She may even want to give me a bath so I'll be all nice & pretty when you come pick up your catalog!

I think I've barked enough.  Time to go do some art!

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