Human, oh human!  ann got a card yesterday from one of my fans in Gogol, Margao-Goa, INDIA!  How cool is that?  Lucy had to go to a lot of effort to get her card here & it came yesterday!  We'll probably post it this weekend.

In the meantime, Ann start her birthday early by going out to dinner last night with my favorite huMAN.  For those of you who were concerned about her endless supply of cough drops & her raspy voice, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.  She feels fine but the doctor said chronic brontosaurus & gave her some perfume or mouthwash to spray in her mouth.  You humans have some wacky ways! 

They seem to think that she can get rid of the dinosaur before she becomes one.  I know she already sounds better than she did when she stamped live online with our Master Stampers 2 weeks ago.  I think I'm going to have to get her off the red meat! 

Donna is a Master Stamper who was on our last call.  This was her answer to the challenge that Ann put out.  Since Ann's seeing Donna today & Donna is one of my semi-official ball throwers, I don't think she'll mind letting me share. 


If you want to stamp live online with Ann next week while you're in front of your computer, you'll want to join the Master Stampers today.  Ann just posted this way cool to die for Diva Dress card.  And next week, she'll be sharing some coloring tips & some other top secret thing.  Even my friend, Ellie, couldn't believe how easy it was to log on to watch Ann in our stamp room. 

And I promise I'll make her rest her voice – except for tonight when she yells BUNKO!  I hope she brings me back a nice prize!

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