This Valentine card got us to bring this typewriter stamp out of the You're My Type stamp set for the first time ever.  We showed it to my favorite huMAN & he thought the pearls were Braille!  Not so!  I asked Ann to help me learn how to type so she put the Basic Pearls on the letters L-O-V-E.

So – at least I know how to spell LOVE!


Ann's mom was a business person.  Ann & both her brothers had to take typing & bookkeeping in High School – even before "keyboarding" was a word!  She would've gotten a kick out of this card – especially if we would've made it a shade of brown & pink instead of black & pink.  That's not a bad idea!  In fact, Ann still has her grandpa's manual typewriter that's in black. 

I've given enough history for today.  If I'm not careful, Ann will cancel my date at the doggy spa next week.

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