Ann ended her day at Founder's Circle with this box on her bed.  Hmmmm.  I wonder what's in it?

The last thing she did was to attend the musical "The Little Mermaid" at Tuacahn – a treat from Stampin' Up!.  She called me to tell me how fabulous it was afterwards.  There are just a few places in the United States that are licensed to play it.  It's not for dogs, but you humans should really enjoy it.

They had a little lightning a few miles away from the theater to add to the excitement.  It's an outdoor theater in a valley between some red mountains so I'm glad it didn't rain on them.


Click for close upThe day started off with a bus trip to the Stampin' Up! manufacturing plant in Kanab. She told me how Angie fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a bus tour guide.  Stampin' Up! is great at helping people get the most out of everything.  Angie did a great job, but she calls bingo FAST!  It let her give away even more prizes.  Ann had a hard time keeping up, but she still won some 12" x 12" Perfect Plum cardstock.  Angie made sure the treats came around OFTEN!

The Kanab employees were out & about in full force to welcome everyone. 

The employees pulled a fast one on Ann & her friends.  When they were showing them how they make the stamps, they left out a stamp set that no one recognized because it was not released yet.  After showing them the process from blank rubber on a roll to imprinted & packed in your box, they gave each of the demonstrators their choice of wood or rubber.  Which one do you think Ann picked?

There are no pictures allowed in this part of the plant.  Ann will be glad to show you some samples made with these cool sets as soon as she's able. 

RubberFeet Kanab-Lunch Ann always enjoys a trip to what she likes to call the Rubber Park in Kanab.  She says it's really bouncy to walk on.  Everyone gathers for a group picture & a great lunch. 

They served them a gourmet meal in really cool basket boxes which will be great to hold some dog treats for me – as soon as she gets it home!

So what's in that Big Shot Box I showed you at the top?  Why something that may actually get Ann to start cooking!  A handmade apron that was probably made by those employees at Kanab!


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