We are going to have so much fun on Tuesday night, March 28th @ 7pm as we do some paper crafting together!

This event is patterned a bit like paint parties where people paint for fun or quilting bees where all the quilters chat while working on their own sewing project. With this, you’ll be able to make what you want while having fun with your friends.

And this time is my treat!

Yes, this is my guinea girl party where your kit is a gift from me.

You don’t have to be crafty!

The kits are easy and pretty straight forward. They include everything you need to make the projects. And you don’t have to follow the directions!

We’ll spend 60-90 minutes together. You’ll most likely finish within that time. It’s not a race. You’ll have a nice box to take your things home and finish them later if the time we have together isn’t enough

I have a few of these 4 3 kits on hand, but I do need to know who wants what.

The inventory is always changing. Take a look at what’s available today.

I’ll need to know by Thursday night 3/23 what you want so I can get it here. (Plus the inventory changes based on availability.)

Please drop me a line or you can call or text me at 530-761-5090