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Here are the 3 things you need to make this project:

  1. Smaller sized Mason or Ball Type Jar
  2. Sugar
  3. Dawn Dish Washing Liquid with Olay Hand Renewal

Here’s how Ann made the Sugar Scrub.


  1. Fill jar 75-80% full of sugar.
  2. Pour in dish washing liquid until it’s where the jar starts to curve.
  3. Mix well. (Ann used a fork, but a spoon would work)


  • In this picture, the mixture is just a little too fluid.
  • Add a little sugar at a time and mix until it’s the consistency you want.  Thick, but not solid.
  • Wipe off outside of jar and decorate.

Click for close up
NOTE:  Target carries the Dawn Dish Washing Liquid with Olay Hand Renewal in purple, white and a coral type pink.  The purple comes out almost to a gray so that it make Wisteria Wonder look bright.  I think that the White one (Tropical Shea Butter Scent) would be your best choice because it would match anything you decorate and still smell

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