Wondering how our Doggone Sweet Birthday Party will work? Here are some questions you might have. If you don’t find an answer to something that you wondered about, you can send Ann an email or text or call us on (530) 761-5090.

NOTE: Because there are so many telemarketers, we don’t always answer the phone. Please be sure to leave a message and we’ll give you a call back post haste – because Ann is usually home.

When you’re ready, you can reserve one of the limited spots by calling or sending Ann an email. Then grab your wish list and send her your list and payment before the deadline of September 27th @ 6pm.

We have a limited number of spots so let us know you’re planning to participate so we don’t give your spot away.

But First,

Reserve your spot, put Doggone Sweet Birthday in the subject & tell us how many spots you want. Then send us your order & payment! (You can register and give us your order all at once but do it before we fill up!)

It’s Easy!

Each spot is a $100 order before tax & shipping. For every $100 that you order, we’ll give you $20 more free. This is instead of Stampin’ Up! host rewards because we’ll be gathering those and dividing them up plus adding more to it!

For example – a $100 order gets no stampin’ rewards, but we’ll give you $20. A $200 would normally give you $20 in stampin’ rewards. Instead of that, we’ll give you $40!

Payments can be made by Zelle, PayPal or Square. Check or cash if you’re local.

NOTE: We do not store your credit card info & will need that to process your order. You can call us with it at (530) 674-5090 or send it in separate emails if you’d like.

  • Can I reserve a spot and then order more than $100?
    • Sure! The spot you reserve is the minimum amount to order. We’ll work with you.
  • When do I pay?
    • We need your payment information when you submit your order (even if we have it already), but…
    • Your card won’t be charged until we submit your order to Stampin’ Up!.
    • Please let us know if we need to time your payment.
  • Can I split my spot with a friend?Y
    • Yes! But the order must be delivered to one address and one credit card.
  • If I include the World Cardmaking Day bundles?
    • You betcha! Score!
    • Hint: Here they are!
  • Do I have to pick separate items for the $20 bonus?
    • Why no! We’ll just take $120 off your order that $120+ or $40 off a $240+ order.
  • Can I pick something for my bonus that incluses something that’s not available now?
    • Why, yes. We’re happy to work that out with you, but you’ll have to wait.
  • Where will the order be delivered?
    • Your order will be shipped from Stampin’ UP! and delivered directly to your address or wherever you say.
  • Do I still get the 4 bonus project tutorials?
    • Of course!
  • Can I count this towards my Stampin’ Bucks?
    • You sure can! You’ll get two Stampin’ Bucks for every $100. (Of course, the free stuff doesn’t count.)
    • Yuba City Stamp Club and Master Stamper members get DOUBLE bucks for participating!
    • And please! Let us know if you fill a sheet so that we can include your $33 item free with your order.
  • Can I order online myself?
    • There is no scenario where this comes out in your favor.
    • A good alternative is to window shop online and send me a screen shot of what you want. I’ll process it for you and everything will come together.
  • Can I get a catalog?
    • We can add that to your order and mail your IN Color Ink & Color bookmark separately.
  • Can I get any of the hostess sets in the back?
    • We could, but… We would have to ship that separately which may incur additional costs and time. We really won’t know until all the orders come in.
  • Can I tell a friend?
    • Of course, you can! While this is a customer appreciation event, we’re always happy to meet more stampers!