We’ve been busy here at Central Bark to get an easy to read last chance list available for you. We didn’t want to be first. We just wanted to make it easier to look at.

We love you so much, we did this:

  • Made the font slightly larger.
  • Changed it from all caps to upper and lower case.
  • Arranged them by type and then by page (because our Dog Pound preferred that).
  • Took out foreign languages (if the set is leaving in English, it’s leaving in every other language as well.)
  • Took out metric sizing noted..
  • Took out bundles as it cuts down at least a page.
    • If the stamp set is leaving, so is the bundle
    • If the dies or punch is leaving, so is the bundle
    • Even if everything stays, the bundle price is going away.
  • Made notations differently so that we could get rid of a column

Things You’ll Want to Know

Everything on the last chance list is fair game. While any discounts will start April 9th, you may not want to wait if it’s something you really want – like ink refills, cardstock or your favorite patterned paper. Either that or get up really early on April 9th or stay up late on April 8th.

So there you go!

Here they are!

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