Well, the First Friday Sale is supposed to start at 5pm, but it may be delayed. So, be on the lookout!

Our Apprentice, Domino, is being lured in for an annual check-up at 3pm. If all goes according to plan, Ann will get here with a few minutes to spare. But we could be delayed.

Any delay will be posted on our Facebook page. And she’ll try to change the time on the events themselves.

What Was She Thinking!

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First Friday Sale Times Where You Are

  • 3pm in Hawaii
  • 4pm in most of Alaska
  • 5pm Pawcific Time
  • 6pm Mountain Time
  • 7pm Central Time
  • 8pm Eastern Time
  • 9pm in Puerto Rico

Remember that we have our Last Chance Sale going on in our online store. Stock up on retiring stamps, dies, papers and embellishments from the Holiday Catalog before they’re all gone.

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