We will certainly be sad if the Trick or Treat-ers show up and you haven’t taken advantage of our 35th Anniversary special.

Ann has hinted about it, but I’ve told her that she really needs to share more. Not about the special – although it’s very good. but about the things she likes about being a Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

And especially when she’s your Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator.

First, she would have met me, the original Stamper Dog. The only way that she talked her husband into having a dog was for protection. And I would’ve guarded her with my life.

When she had to leave her job, she would’ve just gone to get another one. Instead, she changed from doing a home party or three a month to working it as a full time job. Luckily, it worked out so that she never had to work for anyone else again. At least not for the last 19 years.

That Doesn’t Work for Everyone

No, that doesn’t work for everyone and it shouldn’t. Some people just want to get a discount on their paper crafting supplies. Some just want to craft with their friends every now and then. Others want some tax advantages or just make enough to pay a car payment. Or perhaps have a little extra cash for those little extras that everyone appreciates.

Is it a Trick or Treat?

It can be a treat, but it’s definitely not a trick. But today is the last day that you can take advantage of this once in 35 years special.

We have people who love stamping just like you. That’s the common thread. And here are a few other things to think about that will happen once you join our team:

  • You’ll get at least 20% off all future orders – and perhaps more!
  • Your first $300 quarterly minimum isn’t due until the end of March, 2024
    • And that $300 is before your discount. You won’t pay retail. You’ll pay at least 20% less.
    • All orders until March count towards that minimum – what you buy & what you sell.
  • You’ll get a FREE online event in November valued at $77
  • You don’t need to sell or hold events; just enjoy the discount while you can.
  • No pressure to do more than YOU want to! You are your own boss.
Great Joining Offer
Great Joining Offer

Need to know more? We’ve got more info here.

Public Service Announcement

Our ever so popular All About Autumn Designer Series Paper is back in stock! Just in time to add it to your Starter Kit or shopping cart!

All About Autumn Paper
All About Autumn Paper

Ready to Go?

Follow these instructions for the easiest, fastest experience.

  • Grab your Wish List.
  • Need a lot? Pick out up to $168.75 for the pink offer & pay $99+tax.
  • Have a lot? Pick out up to $125 for the blue offer & pay just $64.35+tax
  • Have a few alternates just in case.
  • Grab your personal and payment information and get started here.

Have questions? Just ask!

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