Would you like to know when you should replace your trimmer blades? Well, it depends on how picky you are.

When we see that the edge is bent a little after Ann cuts it, it’s usually because she pushed down too hard when cutting. The best way to cut with a trimmer is to push it across the paper. It’s not a good idea to press down hard on the blade as it’s cutting through the paper. It doesn’t help.

Now, a quick fix is to take the large flat end of your bone folder and press the edge out.

But if you’re cutting right and/or it’s bending a lot, it’s time for a change to a new trimmer blade!

If it’s fraying, you need to run, not walk, to our online store and grab a pack so you can replace your trimmer blade! They come in a pack of 4 for $12. That should last you for quite a few cards.

These blades fit our latest trimmer. Do you have one? It’s pretty sweet! And you can score a $5 coupon to use next month for every $50 of your July purchase. And July is over next week!

Please be aware that the Stampin’ Up! shopping website will be closed for a major update from approximately 6am-8am Pawcific (9am-11am Eastern).

Remember that we’ve got our live show coming up today. And don’t forget our Stamp & Play Day coming up in August! Did you know our 3 prizes at the July event were $90, $60 and $30? And the more people we have, the bigger the prizes are.

You should try it! We’d love to have you!

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