Did you see those handmade gift boxes that Ann shared on our Tuesday live stream? You can watch it here on YouTube on in this post.

But before you go look, let me share a few things as we learned when we made a few of them last night.

Handmade Gift Boxes
Handmade Gift Boxes

The two boxes with the red poinsettias are the half sheet size that she made in the video. During the show, someone suggested making a template or measuring. (I think it was Patti.)

So last night she ventured to making a different sized box.

What WAS She Thinking!

The item in the green box is a different size because what’s inside is a bit larger than a gift card. Here’s what we know about the experience:

  • It took longer to figure out the measurements for the one box than to make the other two boxes.
    • We weren’t timing so that’s just a guesstimation.
  • The grid pad helped us easily draw out the box.
  • You’ll want the long sides to be long enough to connect the ends.
    • Watch the video for clarification

Stay Warm!

We’re hoping that you have all your shopping done by now. It’s most likely too cold to go out wherever you live.

This is probably the least stressful Christmas we’ve had in a long time. All the gifts are wrapped except a White Elephant gift for tonight.

We hope that you’re ready to enjoy the next few days too.

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