We’ve set a date and we’re ready to play! Won’t you join us?

It’s our Stamp & Play Day!

It’s our 17th stamp and play day and you’re invited! And you’ll save when you register now.

  • We gather on a Zoom call for about 90 minutes.
    • You don’t have to appear on camera if you don’t want to.
  • We make a card together.
    • Everyone uses what they have to stamp along with Ann.
    • You have the list of suggested supplies and measurements in advance.
    • Some just watch and encourage the rest.
    • Ann shows the card so it’s not a mystery once you start.
  • There’s a short break and then we play a few quick games to give away substantial prizes.
  • The more who come, but larger the prizes.

It’s quite a good time we have together. Even the apprentice makes a showing.

Register here today and save $2.

Stamps, Kits & Crafts Sale Today!

We’ll see how long Ann’s voice will hold out today when we go live at 5pm for our stamp sale. Join us and see what deals you can grab!

Stamps Kits and Crafts Sale
Stamps Kits and Crafts Sale @ 5pm

Here’s the time we’re on in your neighborhood:

  • Noon in Hawaii
  • 1pm in most of Alaska
  • 2pm Pawcific & Arizona
  • 3pm Mountain
  • 4pm Central
  • 5pm Eastern
  • 6pm Puerto Rico
  • 2pm in Hawaii
  • 4pm in most of Alaska
  • 5pm Pawcific Time and in Arizona
  • 6pm Mountain Time
  • 7pm Central Time
  • 8pm Eastern Time and in Puerto Rico
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