Whether you are a mother or not, today is a good day to celebrate!

But that’s not all that’s great about this weekend!

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby yesterday?

Ann and my favorite huMAN have been watching it the last couple years. But now that we have a Kentuckian in the house, they all cheered yesterday as Rich Strike won the Kentucky Derby.

Domino was born in Lexington, Kentucky on August 30, 2021. And the Kentucky Derby winner Rich Strike was born in Lexington too! Ann heard from his breeder yesterday. She said she cried for the owner, the rider and the trainer!

The story of Rich Strike will go down in history. The owner lost lots of horses in a fire in 2016.

Then Rich Strike only got into the race because another horse dropped at the last minute.

No one even considered Rich Strike before the race. The odds were 80 to 1. That means a $2 bet to win paid over $160!

And whomever picked the race right – picking the horses who came in first, second and third – won over $14,000 on a $2 bet!

We should have known that horse would win. The rider was wearing Read Red and Basic White!

And so with that, dear friends, enjoy your day whether with friends, family or alone. We’ll be back tomorrow with more stamping fun.

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Just think. If you’d have taken a chance and bet on Rich Strike, you’d have change back and a new fun venture!

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