Recently we read a comment from one of our favorite stampers who mentioned a video gift certificate that her family had purchased for her.

Ann and I put our heads together and made sure that I was on my best behavior. We recorded personal, unique video gift certificates. What a great gift for friends and love ones who like card making, scrapbooking and paper crafting.

I doubt that Domino, our new apprentice, will be on his best behavior, but one can hope.

But it will be personal, unique and fun

Just have your friend or loved one contact Ann at

Be sure to put Gift Certificate in the subject so that it will be easier to find them.

We can only accept these until December 20th because you can only work a puppy so much. It’s even less time than you can work a kid on a TV show or movie.

You loved one will probably be happy for your suggestion. You get something you want and they don’t have to go shopping for it.

And we’re happy to help.

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