Last night was a good night. Ann finally got some serious card making time in.

My favorite huMAN watched that new apprentice. And just as she was ready to finish for the night, Domino decided he finally wanted to stay in that fancy cage Ann bought him so he could hang out with all of you when she’s doing the live stamping shows.

But we have more important things today.

Today is a day where we honor people like my favorite huMAN. Ann does some nice things for him. Lunch or dinner and some special stuff that she wouldn’t do on just any old day.

So if you know someone who’s served, please thank them for their service.

You can look forward to seeing the cards in the next few days, but I thought I’d sign off today with one of Ann’s favorite Veteran’s Day pics from 2012 when I was just 7 (but I could’ve been a little younger in the picture).

Maybe she can get Domino to make a new one.

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