Did you hear that Ann’s selected a new apprentice to help? This should be good because we need help to name the apprentice!

Ann came up with my name while washing her hair. She hadn’t even met me, but she knew that I was moving in with her.

This new apprentice is quite another thing. Maybe because even though he doesn’t look a thing like me, he IS a Jack Russell !

If you watch our live stream yesterday, you’ve seen this new apprentice she’s hiring next week.

Read on and you can discover how you can win $25 in product to help us name the apprentice!

Name the Apprentice contest
Name the Apprentice contest

Here’s How to Name the Apprentice

It’s really simple! Just make a comment below and suggest a name for our new apprentice.

Then, watch our show on Friday, November 5th when Ann goes Live at 5pm Pawcific Time. If all goes well, you can meet the new apprentice and she’ll announce the winner.

The winner will receive their choice of $25 in Stampin’ Up! products.

Reality Check

Let me tell you the finer points of how it really works:

  • You can suggest up to 3 different names by commenting on this post.
  • Your suggestions must be made by midnight Pawcific time, Wednesday, November 3rd.
  • The winner will be chosen by a random draw.
  • You do not need to attend the live stream to win, but you must contact Ann before 11pm Saturday night to claim your prize. So I guess that means you should watch the replay if you can’t make it or have a friend phone you.
  • There is no purchase necessary to win.
  • While we’ll be considering all names that are submitted, we may not actually use the name that the winner suggested.
    • But the winner still wins
  • But if you didn’t win and we use the name you suggested, just know that we hold you in high regard. You’ll still have bragging rights.

I hope I’ve made this clear. Have questions? Just ask.

Please Note: Your comment might not show up right away because it needs to be approved. Not to worry. As soon as Ann sees it, you’re golden!

We Can’t Wait to See Your Suggestions!

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