If you’re on our mailing list – and you read more than just the free cardmaking project, then you might know that they found a 2″ to 2-1/2″ growth on my heart.

Now, don’t worry. I’m 16 years old and something had to take me down. We all realize that. I just don’t think that Ann was ready for it just this minute.

They’ve put me on medication that may help me short term. Honestly, that’s all that Ann wanted – just a little more time.

She wants me to tell all of you thank you for all the nice comments, emails, texts and private messages.

When Ann was growing up, they used to say that a dog aged 7 years for every 1 human years. Well, right concept, but the math is a bit different. That’s why small dogs seem to live longer than big ones.

If you’re wondering how dogs age, here’s a great chart. And as you can see, I’m off the chart! I’m probably the equivalent of a 94 year old!

Dogs Age Chart

Thank You Card for Our New Vet

The new vet’s office was very helpful so the least we can do is to send them a card. And yesterday’s card will be great. That is, unless you think we should put a dog on it.

Thank You Card
Thank You Card

See the subtle “Thanks” that’s embossed into the Basic White panel? My favorite huMAN didn’t see it right away.

It was nice that you viewers helped us pick out the colors. (you can watch the process here.) You can watch this one on YouTube now.

  • Balmy Blue
  • Pale Papaya
  • Coastal Cabana
  • Night of Navy

Have you tried this color combination before? I hadn’t! You can watch the procee

It’s light and breezy. Of course, my favorite huMAN liked it. It’s blue!

Thank You Card
Thank You Card

There are two things on this card that are going away next week – unless they sell out before that.

The Textures & Frames stamp set is free with a $50 order. The Summer Shadows Dies are free with a $100 order. They coordinate with the Shaded Summer stamp set that you can purchase for your stash.

The Rest of the Supplies

Thank You card
Thank You card