I don’t know why it took Ann so long to check all the entries for the Crystal Ball contest.

We had two of them, you know!

So last night I helped her. We had some decisions to make because something that hasn’t happened in a while.

You see, they retired the wood background stamps but not the clear mount background stamps. And since it’s still available, it can’t be counted as fully retired.

Even if we didn’t look at it this way, the outcome would’ve been the same.

Prize Winner

It Was So Close!

The assignment was to pick 13 stamp sets that they thought would be retiring. Not accessories.

The first 12 were their selections. The 13th one was a tie-breaker.

If all things were equal, whomever submitted first would be the winner.

Here’s who won $25: Kathy Beemer with 11 right and the tie breaker

Honorable Mention: Marci Long and Kevin Boyer

Here’s who won $20 from our 24/7 Stampers: Deb Bradford with 10 right and the tie breaker

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