Oh, the fun we had at our Mystery Card Party yesterday! I think we got it right. Well, except for Zoom trying to turn Ann green from time to time.

Now why is that? Is Zoom jealous of all the time that Ann spends on YouTube and Facebook with you?

In any case, they made a great card together based on this one.

Mystery Card Party
Mystery Card Party

Ann made one along with them that looks different than this one. It was great to see how differently this card was made by everyone who participated.

And, of course, we had some lurkers too. That’s okay! Everyone shared something. Even the quiet ones. (You know who you are.)

It’s all about having fun and then playing our game afterwards to give out the prizes.

Mystery Card Party
Mystery Card Party

Yes, we gave away over $250 of free products! So save the date for our next one! April 17th. I’m thinking it’s time for a Pajama Party!

It’s not a difficult card. But Ann did share a few tips. You know how she is with physics and adhesives. She’s always got something to say.

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