It looks like Ann survived her 2nd vaccine shot so it’s time to play catch up with our card making.

Yes, she was a bit sore yesterday but still made it to get her eyes checked. I can’t wait to see what she picked out. Our friend, Kay in Texas helped her long distance.

I was quite surprised she didn’t text me and my favorite humAN pictures to approve her selection. Mmmmm.

But once she went out and moved around a lot, she realized that she actually felt better. She even cleaned the stamp room a little! (We moved today’s Stamps, Kit & Crafts sale to next Friday just in case she didn’t feel well.)

I hope she’ll feel better today because she’s missed typing for me for two days!

That rarely happens.

If you’re participating in our 40 days of card sending, today is day #17.

Catch Up #1

We’re so happy to have new members on our 24/7 Stampers team. And what’s the best way to let them know? Send them a card!

Catch Up with Card Making
Catch Up with Card Making

It doesn’t have to be a crazy difficult card to make someone feel warm all over. At least, I hope not. Because actually mailing them is the hardest part for us.

You might not recognize the stamp set. It really is a Stampin’ Up! stamp. (That’s all we use.) The set is only available to demonstrators.

She used Just Jade and Misty Moonlight to make this card. Here’s some of what she used so you can make a similar card:

When’s the best time to join our team of 24/7 Stampers? Why, when you’re ready!

Don’t wait for a special. Do it as soon as you see the light! Believe me! It could be one of the best things you’ve ever done!

At least it is for us.

Catch Up with Card Making
Catch Up with Card Making

We’d love to send you a welcome card too!

It’s easy to get started.

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