I barked about the new Chicks offers in yesterday’s post.

So today’s online stamp show is featuring card making with chicks. And you won’t want to miss a minute.

Set Your Alarms

We’re going on a half hour later today because Ann is going to try to schedule her vaccine at our regular time. She got my favorite huMAN an appointment last week on a fluke at just after 1pm when she would normally be doing the stamp show.

So this week, she’ll try during the same time frame, so thank you for waiting.

  • 11:30am in Hawaii
  • 12:30pm in most of Alaska
  • 1:30pm on the West Coast
  • 2:30pm Mountain Time
  • 3:30pm Central Time
  • 4:30pm Eastern Time
  • 5:30pm in Puerto Rico

Here’s Where You’ll Find Us

Here’s the time we’re on in your neighborhood:

  • Noon in Hawaii
  • 1pm in most of Alaska
  • 2pm Pawcific & Arizona
  • 3pm Mountain
  • 4pm Central
  • 5pm Eastern
  • 6pm Puerto Rico
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