Today we’re featuring a floral note card that just seemed too pretty to put a greeting on the front. Let’s see what you think.

Floral Note Card

Just like any other card that we’ve used the Stampin’ Blends to color, Ann says it’s very relaxing. Normally, she’s more into fast and fabulous cards. But every time she colors, she enjoys it so much! Especially with the Stampin’ Blends.

We’ve featured over 150 card ideas here where we’ve used the Stampin’ Blends. They really are awesome.

Stampin’ Blends give you a great look without much experience, but I did tell her that she should’ve used shadow shading on the pot to ground it.

She used Cinnamon Cider on the pot. Here are the colors that Ann used on the flowers and leaves:

Floral Note Card

We thought about adding a “Thanks” over the flower put. But by the time that we’d colored and cut everything, it seemed a bit of a chance we weren’t willing to take.

We actually used two floral stamp sets for this. You could use either on their own, but together, they were perfect.

Floral Note Card Card Making Supplies

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