We love Wednesdays and today is no different.

But last night was the real confidence booster! We had a great time last night with our local stamp club making Mystery Cards. We’ve done this with our client Facebook Group we call Stamper’s Dog Pound and we’ll be doing it with them soon.

It’s a really fun thing. Everyone gets a list of what to bring and sizes of cut card stock, but no one knows what the sample card looks like.

And everyone who earned coupons in July got to spend them!

Use Your Coupons!

People who are very visual – like Ann – really have to operate out of the box because it feels so foreign.

At the end, everyone gets to show their cards and it’s really amazing how different they all look! I oversaw every step of the process and was very pleased with everything I saw. (Ann was purposefully vague on a step or two so that people could exercise their creative muscle.

In the end, everyone seemed to enjoy it! It’s not the same as stamping together but it’s an entertaining alternative and a real confidence booster.

10 More Fall Card Ideas

Join Us Live Today and Get Inspired!

Everyone loved the Fall cards we showed yesterday. So today, we’ll be going live again with at least 10 more Fall Card Ideas at 1pm Pawcific.

Pick Your Venue

Here’s the time we’re on in your neighborhood:

  • Noon in Hawaii
  • 1pm in most of Alaska
  • 2pm Pawcific & Arizona
  • 3pm Mountain
  • 4pm Central
  • 5pm Eastern
  • 6pm Puerto Rico

You can see yesterday’s introduction to Fall card ideas here. Just look for the Baker’s Dozen right at the top (depending on when you see this).

Used Stamps, Crafts and Kits Sale Friday!

We moved the First Friday Stamp Sale to this Friday because of the release of the new Holiday catalog, our new online store and Sweet Treats product shares mailing all in one week! There is nothing like it!

And we’ve got new card making tutorials for our August online shoppers!

Mark your calendars! We have more fun each time we do one of these sales and there’s no reason why this Friday should be any different!

Used Stamp Sale
Look for our links tomorrow!

In fact, at the end of the show yesterday, Ann gave some pointers on how to be able to bid more successfully.

It’s not an auction. You just need to be the first person to say you want whatever item she’s holding up at a ridiculously great bargain.

Remember that you get rewarded in many ways when you shop in our online store.

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