Yesterday’s live stream didn’t start well, but finishing off this greenery card sure did improve our day!

For some reason, Facebook wouldn’t let us start the show so our stamp party was only on YouTube. Then, to top that off, the reminders didn’t go out!

We still had a nice stamping event and we were amazed and honored that so many of you set your watches to see us.

You can watch yesterday’s stamp show below (we’ve started it just as Ann starts to make the card or watch it here on YouTube.

Ann laid it out after the show just to see what it would look like.

Greenery Card

But that’s not how it ended up. After I gave her a little more guidance (and a heat tool on a hundred degree day), this is what she came up with.

Greenery Card

Everyone was loving it when we were stamping the card together, but we like it even better now.

You might not have noticed. We embossed the stamped area with the Tasteful Textile 3-D Embossing Folder. Look really close. You can click on the picture below and see that and the Frosted Epoxy Droplets.

Greenery Card

I really think that adding a little texture and epoxy droplets really does make a difference. Adding white embossed letters on the dark Pretty Peacock circle makes it so elegant!

If this card’s your style, then read on so you know what supplies you need. If not, we have hundreds of encouraging cards here to feast your eyes on.

Greenery Card Supplies List

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