Happy anniversary to Ann and my favorite huMAN. They’ve been married longer than Ann claims to be alive.

She always calls him her better 2/3. Does that make me her favorite 1/3?

I’m not sure about her math.

Yesterday’s Online Sale

About 75 minutes before the sale, I had my picture taken with Barbara.

Can you see me in the picture? I am there! I think that Ann wasn’t paying attention to who should’ve been the focal point of her picture.

She and Ann sat in separate rooms and never got within 6′ of each other. I can’t wait until they can do this in the same room because washing everything down before and after she left is making me concerned.

I don’t want her to mistakenly wipe me down with a anti-bacterial wipe! It’s bad enough when she wants me to take a shower!

I just don’t want to shrink!

So the, about 30 minutes before the sale started, we got word that someone dear to us tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. The good news is that they’re not really sick sick and that they’re not radioactive right now. And they weren’t radioactive the last time we saw them either.

So you can imagine Ann’s state of mind when the sale started.

You can watch the replay here.

But we had fun and there are only 4 things left:

  • The Whole Lot of Lovely stamp set
  • The star stamp set
  • The scrapbook
  • The gift enclosures

So About That Happy Anniversary Card

Ann made this card for my favorite huMAN. I think she liked it better before she stamped the flowers on there, but he still liked it.

Happy Anniversary Card

It’s a little hard to take the picture when the card was so full of love that it didn’t want to close for the picture. You can see the pattern on the foiled card stock a little better in this second picture.

Happy Anniversary Card

Ann cut the word out of the same foil sheets. You’ll see it listed below in the card making supplies.

Happy Anniversary Card

If this anniversary card isn’t your taste, we have 45 happy anniversary card ideas you can see here.

Card Making Supplies

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We hope you stay healthy and can celebrate their anniversary again with us next year.