Would you like to stamp together with us today? It will be fun!

There’s no telling what Ann will come up with today. But I can tell you that it will be fun and you will most likely learn something.

Ann learned something last night. She got everything looking just right for the show and then she changed the camera settings! YIKES!

It was like remodeling a house. You change one thing and then you change something else and then something else has to be fixed.

Or maybe it’s like getting a new blouse in a new color. That probably means new pants or skirt. Shoes could jump on the list and then a new purse, of course.

Or so I’ve been told.

See You Today at 1pm Pawcific

Like one of our Stampin’ Up! executives said, “Social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing.”

We just love the relationships that our online community have created. We look forward to “seeing” you and I know that you enjoy chatting with each other.

We’ll be sharing the 2nd card that Ann made from last week’s Emboss Resist technique that she start. Can’t wait to hear which one you like best.

Stamp Together

I think we’re all about ready for a good laugh and you can find one today!

The Time Changed in Some Areas Recently

I hope everyone’s healthy where you’re at. Ann got squished yesterday. She wasn’t sure whether she should cancel her appointment or not, but the squish machine won the toss.

I’d like to do something fun with the kiddies during one of our live streams. Maybe we’ll come up with something fun for them to do!

We sure appreciate your supporting our small business. Stamper has some vet visits coming up and he’s gotta eat. Your support helps us support him.

Small businesses and churches are who concern us the most. The mortgage and the lights still must get paid and some are closed down with no money coming in.

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