I always look forward to Wednesdays when we do our cardmaking live stream on Facebook and YouTube.

We had our local Stamp Club come last night to make three projects. The first one was a fancy fold. They did a practice one that they could use to inspire future projects. Then they did the real thing.

Before they came, Ann shot a video showing our Master Stamper members how to make this special pop-up card. It will probably be this weekend’s project. (We have almost 300 video tutorials and post one every weekend. (Discover more about Master Stampers here.)

Then they made hybrids of some cards that we’ve shared with you here. We ran low on Silver Foil Sheets to make this card so Ann switched a few things. She switched which sheet of the free Flowering Foils Specialty Paper she used and made copper accents instead of silver. (Copper Foil Sheets are pretty close in color to the Rose Gold if you squint just right.)

I wish she would’ve gotten a picture of their cards because I think I like the new style better. Maybe we can get Barbara to bring hers over for a closer look.

Finding Today’s Cardmaking Live Stream

Just think! With everything that’s happening this lucky week, hanging out with me and Ann at 1pm Pawcific Time could be the best thing that’s happened to you all week! (I hope it’s the first of many good things to come.)

It’s easy to watch our live stream. Hardest thing is to decide where you want to watch! But there’s one thing I do know: it’s more fun when you participate!

People who have never watch live stream stamping have commented how fun it was and how much they learned.

In fact, we got an email this last week and I got a pretty nice scratch on the back about last week’s show.

“I love all your tips and techniques.”

Susan T. in Texas

Cardmaking Live Stream

What Time is it?

Here’s when we go live in some popular neighborhoods.

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Hope you can catch us on our cardmaking live stream today! I know it’ll be more fun with you there!