A blue birthday card idea is perfect for me to have Ann make for my favorite huMAN.

If you’ve been reading my barks at all, then you know that my favorite huMAN’s favorite color is blue. So he deserves a blue birthday card with an impressive cake on it.

Blue Birthday Card

Now, the good news is that you can still get this Happy Birthday to You stamp set for free with a $50 order.

The sad news is that the coordinating dies that make it more dimensional are not available anymore. They’re sold out.

Luckily, we didn’t use them on my favorite huMAN’s card. It’s still impressive. He loved the way we colored it with the Stampin’ Blends alcohol markers.

(Scroll down and I’ll share which colors of the Stampin’ Blends I had Ann use.)

Blue Birthday Card

Yes, he was very happy with that. (But we also have over 500 more birthday card ideas here – and some of them are blue too!)

And he was really happy when the day after his birthday, their daughter and her family surprised him at dinner. They flew in from out of town and walked in to where Ann and taken him for a delayed birthday dinner.

Ann thought that he’d figured it out, but he didn’t. He was so surprised. He was shocked!

And I can’t wait to hear what happens today when Ann has invited a bunch of his friends to have lunch and cake with them. He doesn’t know about that either. (And while he is very supportive, he doesn’t read my barks.)

It’s going to be awesome to surprise him twice in two days. (and thank you so much to those who helped pull it off.)

You won’t tell him, will you?

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Tips for Using Alcohol Markers (Stampin’ Blends)

  • Shimmery White is a good, bright cardstock to use when you don’t want to use Watercolor Paper.
  • Be sure your Memento Ink is dry before you begin coloring.
  • For shading at the base of the cake stand, we used the Light Smoky Slate and lightened it a little with the Color Lifter.

Blue Birthday Card Making Supplies

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So, what color birthday card will you be making?