Wouldn’t you like to get a little pick me up card in the mail when you’re feeling down? In fact, you don’t even have to be feeling down. A pick me up card is great even when your friend is happy.

That’s what I like about greeting cards – especially handmade ones – they’re always nice to find them in your mailbox.

And wouldn’t you like to get this one with your name on it?

Pick Me Up Card

We used two bundles on this one. And you know what that means! 10% off!

I had to design this one for Ann. She’s pretty much lost her voice!

This happened over a 7 week period once before I was born, but I hope it’s not going to happen now. I kind of like hearing her call my name.

It wasn’t so fun for her years ago. She’d have to write down things on a pad. You can only imagine how she would feel when guys would tell my favorite huMAN how lucky he was.

I think Ann really likes the way that I told her to layer the layers like I did on this card. Do you?

Pick Me Up Card

Who would’ve thought to put a smaller circle behind a larger die? I did!

I’m such a smart, artistic dog.

Now, this can be used for more than a pick me up card. It would be great for a birthday card idea as well. Or maybe as a card for someone who has an illness they’re not going to walk away from.

You pick who you want to pick up.

Pick Me Up Card Supplies

We won’t list the bundles because they’re shown above, but we will list the separate items below. But before I do, remember that we give all these things to our online shoppers:

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