It’s time for our last online stamp, craft and kit sale. Ann has been digging through some interesting stuff and has discovered a goldmine!

You may want to add some of these to your paper crafting supplies:

  • New retired stamp sets
  • Used retired stamp sets
  • New retired crafting kits
  • And more that I’m not barking about at this time.

Schedule It

If you miss this one, we won’t have another one until February 7, 2020 to celebrate Ann’s 21st anniversary with Stampin’ Up!. Here’s what time it is in many neighborhoods.

  • 3pm in Hawaii
  • 4pm in most of Alaska
  • 5pm Pawcific Time
  • 6pm Mountain Time
  • 7pm Central Time
  • 8pm Eastern Time
  • 9pm in Puerto Rico

Find Us Here

We do our best to meet you where you are. That’s why we broadcast on both platforms. But there are some things you should know on both venues.

Membership is not required to watch on either venue, but you must be a Facebook member or have a YouTube channel to participate. Pick the one that works best for you.

How It Works

Here are a few things that may be good to know if you’re coming for the first time.

  • Be there when it starts. We have a lot of return viewers who can’t wait to see what we’re offering.
  • Ann will show you an item and talk about it.
  • Once she writes the price down, the first one to submit a comment that says “Claim” and the item name gets it.
    • Barbara is here and watching all the comments listed in real time together from both venues.
  • Please don’t bid before she writes the price down because either your bid will be voided or you’ll pay full retail price.
  • If we’ve never connected before, please contact Ann by email with your mailing address after the show and she’ll send you an invoice.
  • Invoices go out (preferably by Facebook Messenger, but we have alternatives) late Saturday.
    • Everyone who pays by Sunday gets a gift with their purchase.
    • We start mailing Monday.

Barking About Barking

I’m usually a pretty quiet dog, but last night,, I barked and I barked and I barked.

Me at 20 months.

Ann had wanted to stamp a card for today, but I kept her busy hushing me so that she wouldn’t wake up my favorite huMAN who is an early riser.

So I apologize for the lack of artwork today. This time, it’s all my fault. If you’re looking for paper crafting inspiration, you can see over 2,000 card making ideas here that we’ve posted in our gallery.

Shop with Stamper Dog

We hope you can attend our stamp, craft and kit sale today. The more, the merrier!