Whether you’re ready or not, Santa is coming tonight.

Will he bring you a gift or a lump of coal.

I believe that there’s room for everyone on the Nice List – even me! So I’m planning on something nice when I wake up tomorrow.

If you’re not sure that Santa has made the time to get you what you want, it’s not too late to get a gift certificate from us!

Just have your Santa contact Ann. We’ll get you whatever you want.

Christmas Gift Certificate

There’s no rule that you have to get stamps with your gift certificate! (Although, when you see the new catalogs we sent yesterday, I foresee a long Wish List in your future!)

If you’ve been wondering how you’re going to improve your card making and paper crafting without taking more time out of your schedule, maybe you should ask Santa for a subscription to the Master Stamper.

That way you’ll have access to over 280 exclusive video tutorials (most with written instructions) made by Ann and her design team, Pip Todman (UK) and Linda Dalke (Australia).

Everything is all laid out for you in our private site. If you want more social interaction, we have a private Facebook group. You can share your own paper crafting projects or just drool over everyone else’s.

I’ve really got my paws together for Linda. You might not realize that there are more fires in Australia right now than we ever had here in California.

We’re hoping to test the new camera this weekend. We thought we had everything, but when everything got here, we realized that we needed a few extra cables.

You’d think that we had enough of those if you ever saw my cable box.

It may be Christmas, but I sure am going to miss you for our little live stream get together tomorrow. Wednesday just won’t be the same without you.

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