How was your Thanksgiving? Ann and my favorite huMAN had a great time with our crafty friends Cindy and Amy and their family.

The table was beautiful. Ann said the company was wonderful.

Afterwards, Ann lined up some of the cool silverware holders that Cindy had made and took this picture. She had even put rose gold colored silverware in the pocket and the leaf at the top is made with Silver Foil Paper.

Plus There’s Chocolate Inside the Pocket

Black Friday

Didn’t Cindy do a great job? There were lots of people there and Cindy made one for everyone.

Whether you make a simple name card like what we showed in Wednesday’s video and shared here in Thursday’s post or you make something super special like Cindy’s pockets, it’s nice to do something nice for your friends.

Paper Crafters are Awesome!

Amy made a Pumpkin Cheesecake because my favorite huMAN loves cheesecake. She even decorated it!

We’ve swapped out the original half-eaten view with this pristine view of her edible art.

FYI: It tasted as good as it looked

But Now It’s Black Friday

Are you going out today? Or are you shopping online?

Are you treating yourself? We did. Of course, were doing our own Black Friday special.

It’s a perfect time to ask Santa to pre-select your Christmas present while you can get free shipping.

Here’s How to Easily Get Free Shipping

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