Our quick and easy card was so much fun yesterday, that we’re bringing it here for you today.

You’ll notice towards the end that Ann couldn’t find a stamp set that she had shared at the beginning of the live event.

I kept telling her through my pup-o-graphic messages that she had laid the trimmer on top of it, but she wasn’t paying attention! So, instead, she found in several hours later.

Here’s the stamp set that she was looking for to stamp on the inside of the card. Just click on the picture for more details and a closer look in our online store.

It’s not in the catalog because it’s a special edition set for a special brochure for beginning stampers. It’s just $14 and so versatile!

Watch the video

Or you could roll the tape back about 2 -1/2 minutes to where Ann shows it to everyone because we’ve cued the video up to start where she starts making the card.

If you’re reading this in your email inbox, this is a good time to click here to come to the site and watch the video. Or your could scroll down and see the pictures of the cards.

You see, she was trying to stamp this flower inside for a tone-on-tone look.

Quick and Easy Card

After she stamped that on the inside, she also added a little embellishment that wasn’t on the original card that she did with our local stamp club.

Can you see it?

Quick and Easy Card

She added a little Petal Pink ribbon that matches the inside.

Would you like to see a list of what she used so you’ll have it for the record?

Quick and Easy Card Making Supplies

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