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This trip is turning out to be a bit more expensive than the others that she’s taking my favorite huMAN on over the years.

And she’s got to to be able to break me out of my doggy spa when she gets back!

While I’m living the lap of luxury at my veterinarian’s, Ann and my favorite huMAN are having to unexpectedly climb hills in horrible heat and humidity.

I just hope that she brings him back alive!

Even though it was a half-mile hike up a hill that’s not for the faint at heart, they had fun with friends over a nice dinner on the boat.

And the next day, they got off the boat in Mykonos and just sat in a restaurant by the water with friends.

A Bit of Bubbly

Can you believe that they put a grape in the bottom of their glasses?

Before they poured the prosecco, they thought they’d have to squish the grapes and make their own!

Ann said that it was a really nice touch.

The food was fabulous. That was calimari – but they called it squid. It’s not for everyone, but Ann said that it tasted great!

If you don’t like calimari, just imagine that it’s onion rings.

Ann got over 50 swaps that she’ll be sharing with you. She’s share some next Wednesday and some with our Master Stampers.

You won’t want to miss one!

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We’ll be sharing a swap tomorrow just for you! I hope you’ll tune in to see it.