You can’t depend on this dog to notice all the good sets in the catalog! Every now and then, I miss one.

I’ll blame it on Ann because she probably distracted me.

We first noticed this when Gail got it in her order. We already knew that Stampin’ Up! seemed a bit short on get well stamp sets and this one made us chuckle.

Giraffe Get Well Card Idea

We have over 75 Get Well Card Ideas here that we’ve shared over the years.

Ann got this one when she did a swap with some of her previous Advisory Board members. I took some out of their Clear Translucent Envelopes and got all the names missed up.

I just liked it! And I hope you do too because I’ve got more ideas to share with that stamp set.

Remember we’ve got three specials going on right now! Two from Stampin’ Up! and a bonus one that I added. You can check them out in this post.

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Hope you had a nice 4th of July!