What is your wish for Mother’s Day? Is it peace and quiet? Is it a day in a busy restaurant? Is it breakfast in bed?

We’ve got a few things that are still available from the stamp sale. Ann was really good with her marker this time. (Not so much on her newly moved buttons.)

I’ll list what’s available as I type this (could change). But if something catches your eye in the video and it’s listed below, please contact us.

Still Available

  • Bottle Holder $3
  • Celebration Basics Kit (Banner & gift bags) $10
  • Flying Home New Clear Mount Stamp Set $12
  • Painter’s Palette Wood Mount Stamp Set $15
  • Window Shopping Clear Mount Stamp Set $12

Of course, there’s still that Retirement List to settle up with before it’s all gone.

Would you like to check out our Master Stamper page, now is the time to do it! In celebration of Mothers Day and Linda come to our party today, we’re offering your first 2 months for the price of one! Yep? You can register here today because I don’t know how long we’re going to keep this special.

NOTE: If you are reading this in your email, please come to the site because the link won’t work in your email.

You’ll get a project taught by Live Video with written instructions each week. Linda Dalke from Australia, Pip Todman from the UK and Ann all do different weeks. It’s a real time saver because you don’t have to look around.

Members who are looking for more interaction where you can share your own projects and connect with others can join our private Facebook group.

It’s just $14.97 a month, but you’re getting the first two months for the price of one!

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I hope you find something fun at the stamp sale.