Yesterday didn’t start off as the best day but those of you who showed up for our live stream really lightened the rest of the day for us.

It began with scheduling our post for yesterday. We thought we scheduled in for 4:30 in the morning like we usually do. Once we discovered it six hours later that we put it for 4:30 in the afternoon, we fixed it.

Having my favorite huMAN skip out for an appointment 40 minutes before we started kind of changed what we wanted to share. (That’s okay. He gets to have a life.)

So we finished the card late last night. We found it interesting that a good portion of you liked the blue background. We hadn’t even look at that option until yesterday when we shared it with you.

Wondering What I’m Barking About?

You can watch it below. The video will start at 18:49 where we start comparing colors or you can drag it back to the beginning to see the chatter – and some of my starring roles.

And Here’s the Finished Card

Good choice?

Watercolor Welcome Card

We hadn’t used those Word Framelits yet so I told Ann that it was about time to bust them out of the package.

Now, if you’re interested in learning more about different types of water coloring including our fairly new Stampin’ Blends that we used in this project, you might want to checkout the over 230 card making tutorials inside the Master Stamper. You can stay as long as you like to learn from all of them or just some of them for only $14.97 a month. Try it here!

Here’s a list of what we remembered that we used. (Ann may be a little fuzzy about the colors because – as she said – she’s slept since then.)

Price: $110.00

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Hope you can join us on our next stamping live stream.