You know, my favorite huMAN is very supportive of Ann’s stamping habit.  He helps take care of me and never complains when she stays up late stamping.

In the past two days, Ann has heard of two dear people plus a President who left this earth this week.  So instead of stamping (which is certainly a joy – we have over 400 Christmas Card Ideas here ), we spent time with my favorite huMAN doing something we don’t do every year.

You see, he spent 24 years loading trucks for Target so that everyone could have a special Christmas.  He worked every Thanksgiving and every Black Friday (and every 4th of July too).  He was working so much overtime leading up to Christmas and Ann was working in the real world, they didn’t always decorate for Christmas.  They did all the meaningful things and sent and displayed Christmas cards and sang in the choir, but not always a tree.

But Not This Year!

Ann took a day off from stamping.  I hope you will forgive her.   She’s been working on some Christmas gift ideas to share with our newsletter readers. (You can subscribe here if you’re not already getting our 12 Weeks of Christmas Ideas in your inbox.)

Instead, she spent some quality time with my favorite huMAN.  They did a little shopping.  And he did 99% of the tree!

Christmas Tree

Ann put together this set of reindeer that will be decorating the back patio.  (I think they’re afraid that they may accidentally put them in my pee zone if they put them on the grass.)

They look way better lit up.  (I did share a picture of the baby lit up on my Facebook page.)

I hope they’ll quit crowding my bed!

You know, Ann’s mom left this earth several years ago this week so maybe that’s adding to feeling like making the most of every moment.

We’ll be back again tomorrow with our more fun barks.  In the meantime, call someone you care about today.  Give someone a hug.  Buy your friend a cup of coffee or….make them a card!


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