Ann got off the boat and is back on dry land.

Some of the pictures are on her phone.  Some are on the laptop.  I’m sure she’ll get it fixed soon.

But first, let me bark a sincere thank you to those of you who have shopped with us AND additionally to our Stampin’ Up! team of demonstrators we call the 24/7 Stampers for being part of our stamping world and supporting us as we earned this trip to Alaska and Victoria, Canada.

Here’s a picture I got my paws on.  Maybe you were aware that Ann was advertising for a new assistant.  Here he is.

Sled Dog Puppy

He was a real cutie!

Ann went to a Sled Dog Training Camp and got to ride as well as hold one of the puppies.

She learned that sled dogs are actually a mixture of Husky, Malmute, German Shephards and lots of other breeds.  They breed different types together for stamina, endurance, speed and health.

I’ll bark more later, but I didn’t want you to think we forgot about you.

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