We’ve been busy little pups here at Central Bark and I’m so glad that Ann has taken over the card stock cutting!

The new catalog starts June 1st and we know you’ll want it in your hot little hands!

Now before we entice you with lots of new pretty colors, let me offer you some alternatives to ponder:

21 New & Returning Stampin’ Up! Colors

2018 New Stampin' Up! Colors

I think that there’s only 20 in this stack because we had a leftover pack of Coastal Cabana in our office.  Sure glad we kept that!

Moving all the card stock into our paper tower took a bit of time.  We like to keep things alphabetized so if we missed one, there was a lot of shuffling.  But it’s done now!

Then we had to unwrap all of them and



That was scary!

Other than making some new cards, we made color samplers for those of you who are getting a catalog from us. And if you’d like a color sampler, you need to order your catalog quickly because these are the only ones we will be making.

18-19 Stampin' Up! Catalog

Those of you who are interested in shopping with us can order one using the button below and get all this:

  • 2018-19 Stampin’ Up! 30th Anniversary Catalog
  • Cardstock Sampler Sheet of 21 Colors (while supplies last)
    • 5 New IN Colors for 2018-20
    • 6 Returning Colors from previous IN Color Releases
    • 10 New Colors
  • 2018-20 IN Color Ink Sample Bookmark
  • Indexed Wish List

We are only including the Cardstock Sampler Sheet in this first run of catalogs, so order today!  It’s just $7 for catalog and everything listed above (and possibly a little surprise inside) shipped to you by Priority Mailing.  (And after the fees we’re charged, that doesn’t even cover the shipping.)

Just use this button below and you will be inspired by lots of cool new colors, stamps and accessories  to wow you.

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