What a good time we’ve got planned for you today!

Right after the Seahawks game, Ann and I are going to have some fun sharing some cards LIVE on Facebook!

Now before you tell me that you’re not on Facebook, you don’t have to be!  All you need to do is to go here at 4:45p Pawcific Time.

Now, if you ARE on Facebook, you can go to the same place!  You can even get a reminder for 5:45p Mountain/ 6:45p Central/ 7:45p Eastern.  (Try www.timeanddate.com if you’re not in any of those time zones.)

While you’re waiting, we’ve got almost 2,000 card making ideas here that should keep you busy for a little while.

Ann’s been studying until her feet get cold late at night to come out with some fun to watch stuff.  I just hope she can get that table cleared off before it starts!

She’ll be warming up with the choir around 8am.  Then she’ll sing at 9am and 11am.  Then she’ll come back here for the 1pm Seahawks game.

And if her hair isn’t on fire by then, she’ll be with you at 4:45pm.

I just wouldn’t expect perfection – but then, I think that’s what makes Ann fun.

Just so you know – you’re cutting into my lap time so I may very well make an appearance.  And I hope you will too!

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