Oh boy!  What a day we have planned!

I’ll be appearing for a few of my favorite friends this afternoon.  (Of course, you’re ALL my favorites!)

I’ll be behind closed doors for my 12th birthday with the Master Stampers, but just for the fun of it, we invited our stamp club members and a few friends we haven’t seen in a while.

It’ll just be a short party.  This dog can only take so much at the ripe old age of 74 human years.  (People still think I’m a puppy.)

Birthday Cake

But I do have something special for you!  Well, some of you!

Do you find that you don’t have as much time as you’d like to have to stamp?

Do you think it would be nice to have your project all cut out for you along with instructions?

Well, we’ve got just the thing for you to try!  It just might be a good fit for you!

For THIS MONTH ONLY and ONLY FOR FIRST TIME PEEPS, you can get your first My Paper Pumpkin kit for HALF PRICE!



Most of the monthly projects are groups of cards that you can make in minutes!  They come pre-cut with everything you need to make a group of cards.  Could be 6, could be 8, could be more!

PLUS Ann & I send you a handmade card each month as well.

Every now and then they do a home decor or 3-D project.  (Like last year they did something cool with Treat Tubes and now they’re in the Holiday Catalog for everyone!

And you don’t have to make everything just the way the instructions say!  You can use your kit any way you want.  (We used to send them to our girl in college during her freshman year.)  They’d be great to take to someone who can’t get out so you could spend some quality time together.

You know.  Someone my age or older.

Or maybe quality time with your kids – or someone else’s kids, if you prefer.

Everything is in the box that you need except adhesive and scissors.  And your first one comes with an acrylic block to use with the enclosed stamps.  OR you can upgrade to the high quality ones that we sell in the catalog.  And there’s always a video available to show you how it’s done in minutes.

You can cancel any time, but I think you just might like getting that little box of happiness in the mail!

You can pretend it’s a gift for me.  (Because if you’re happy, I’m happy.)

Paper Pumpkin BoxesAnd when you’re done, you can store things in them!

And once you’re a subscriber, you can buy past kits!  You can get started here and use the code HALFOFF0917

To give you an idea, here’s one from the archives that we liked.

Do it!  It’s half price!  What have you got to lose?

I think you should do it!  And blame it on my birthday!

And if you’re feeling bad that you didn’t send me a birthday card, you can go get inspired by over 400 birthday card ideas here.

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