Did you miss getting everything on your Wish List from the last catalog?  Or the one before that?  Or the one before that?

What to do?

Stamp Garage Sale

Well, we’ve come to a spot where I can help you and perhaps you can help me!  Over the past 18 years, we’ve collected so many stamps that we’re bursting at the seams!  Pretty soon, I may have to sleep on a box of retired ribbon!

Running a stamp garage sale here at Central Bark is very time consuming and takes away from our stamping time.  We’d love to do it, but we live in a small town and most of you don’t live near us.

So we came up with an Online Stamp Garage Sale!

Stamp Garage Sale

We’re adding stamps almost daily and when you join the Facebook group and set your notifications so you’ll know when your favorite stamp set is listed.

All the stamps are at least 25% off.  Really it’s more than that because we’ve already paid the tax!  We add gifts in the packages as long as it doesn’t add more postage to you.  Ribbon, buttons, accessories, you name it!

I’m fairly sure that you don’t have to be a member of Facebook to see it.  If you’re not a Facebook member and you see something there that you want, please be sure to drop Ann an email so we can get that in your hands.

We’re not taking requests at this time.  We’d love to help you but we’re just working our way through the boxes and we MUST have time to play with the new and current stuff too!

Some of you may have already heard about this and visited because you get our emails in your inbox.  I’m not talking about the updates that show up in your inbox whenever Ann types a blog post for me.  I mean the one where Ann shares a free PDF tutorial each month and special things that I don’t let her share here.

If you’re not getting THAT email, you might want to get signed up here so that you know things first.

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