Is it Fathers Day already?  Oh my!  How did that catch up with us!

So rather than a Fathers Day card, here’s one to make you feel better if you forgot.  (But if you ARE on the hunt for a quick Father’s Day card, you can see a couple dozen of my Father’s Day Card Ideas here.)

Coffee Card of EncouragementIf you’re making this to help someone else feel better, why not put a gift card in it?  Or better yet, donate some face time and TAKE them to share a cup of coffee!

Yes, in person is the best, don’t you think?

This card could be used for a couple different things.  We have a simpler version of it that we’re going to use as a get well card.

Coffee Card IdeaI don’t know about simpler, but it’s going to a guy so we did it without the doily and Soft Suede circle.

You know – it’s the one you make before you realize that a little accessories action could improve it.

Just close your eyes and imagine it without the doily and the solid Soft Suede cardstock circle.  It’s still a great card.

But I think I like it with the Soft Suede circle whether you use the doily or not.

Since it IS Dad’s Day and my middle name is named after Ann’s dad, how would you like to see one of Ann’s favorite pictures of him?

She tells me that her dad was always happiest when he was on a boat.  And this is how she likes to think of him.

So if your dad is around, go give him a hug.  And if he doesn’t live nearby, be sure to call him today.  In fact, you can REALLY surprise him and call him twice!

And if he’s even farther away than that, just think of him in a way that brings a smile to your face.

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